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Terms & Condition

Hello people. :)

Please read properly regarding to our T&C as mentioned below:

1. First come, first serve basis.

2. Never cheat and be cheated. Please be honest people. Takmo tipu duit orang okeh :)

3. Wait for our reply within 24 hours day. Bank account number will be given in our invoice. All the delay regarding to any circumstances will be informed immediately.

4. Please check your spam or junk if you do not get any email from us after 24 hours.

5. Your order and reservation will be entertained within 2 days only. However, please contact us as soon as possible if you want to extend the payment due to acceptable reasons.

6. Please let us know in case you want to change the order before we send out the parcel.

7. The prices shown are not including the postage fee.

8. Items sold are not refund and exchangeable. All items will be checked thoroughly and properly before shipping done.

9. No back out buyers okay. please please please we takmo naughty customers. :)

10. Parcel will be sent out on the next day after payment is done except on Friday and Saturday.

11. Pos shipping: Pos Laju only.

You smile, I smile, We all smile. :)

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